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Mac ID Card Design Software

Mac ID Card Design Software is designed with various pre-defined ID Card Design templates to quickly create identity cards on MAC OS X installed machine. You can print multiple ID cards with advanced print settings.

MAC compatible ID Card Design Program design and print list of ID cards in various shapes and sizes. Software has Camera option to capture image and add on ID card.

Windows Edition also available

Mac ID Card Design Software

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Software Features:

  • Image Cropping Tool: You can crop single or multiple images for ID cards using Image Cropping Tool.
  • Batch Processing Series: Easily generate multiple ID cards using batch processing series feature of software.
  • Export Designed ID Card: You can export or save your designed ID card as image, as template and as PDF file format.
  • Email Settings: Using advanced email settings of software you can send designed ID cards at specified email IDs.
  • Camera Settings: Using Camera Settings you can capture photo and add on ID card.
  • Copy Card Design: Program has option to copy current card design to the other side of card.
  • Print Settings: Print designed ID Cards using flexible print settings.
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