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Mac ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition) Screenshots

Mac ID Cards Maker (Corporate Edition) screenshots to know the procedure of how to design and print ID cards. Software has flexible print settings to print multiple ID cards according to your choice.

Choose any one module

Software provides five modules to create ID cards. Choose any one module according to your requirement.

Choose any one pre-defined template

Software has various pre-defined templates to generate ID cards. Choose any one pre-defined template.

Fill User Profile

Add user details on ID card as per your requirements. Program has feature to maintain visitor record by adding visitor details to the database.

Capture from Camera

You can capture image using Camera option. You can also crop captured image and adjust various settings including sharpness, blurness, contrast, brightness etc.

Print Settings

To print your designed ID Card, Set all print settings and click on "Print" button. You can see the print preview of card by clicking on 'Preview' button.

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